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Events and Offerings

1. No Academic Classes

Mountainlair facilities shall not be used for academic classes, with the exception of the JG Theatre. Deviation from this practice requires approval of the dean of the college or school concerned, the Director of Mountainlair, and the Facilities Planning and Management Office.

2. Final Examination Week

Loud events, outdoor events, and events with large audiences are prohibited during finals week; however, regularly scheduled activities such as films, and weekly meetings will be offered.

Students requesting a study room must have a valid WVU Student ID. Meeting rooms will be issued based on room availability; furniture and technical equipment may not be moved, rearranged, or changed in any way. Study Rooms are on a first come first serve basis.

3. Banners

A. Student Organizations and Department Results

Thirteen banner spaces are available for student organizations and Departments on the Food Court railing. Hanging and removal of the banners is the responsibility of Office of Student Engagement and Leadership.

4. Rehearsals

Two reservations for rehearsals and one reservation for the day of the actual event are permitted. The Mountainlair will furnish one setup for a dress rehearsal and one setup for the actual event.

5. Event Decor

Decorations for events held within the Mountainlair meeting and ballrooms are subject to specific restrictions. Failure to abide by these restrictions will result in fees for clean-up and any damages incurred. Any student organization found to be in violation of these policies will be required to remove the articles immediately and will be subject to fees.

  • Only displays that are free-standing or suspended from easels are permitted.

  • Doorways, halls, and stairs must remain unobstructed by decorations.

  • Generally, the burning of candles, sparklers, incense burners, paper leaflets, combustible figures, or pyrotechnic devices is prohibited on University property; however, catered events scheduled through WVU Dining Services will be permitted to use candles only for decorative purposes.

  • Only flameproof materials are permitted. Materials are considered flameproof if they do not ignite when subjected to the flame produced from an ordinary wood match.

  • The use of nails, tape, glue, thumbtacks, or adhesive on floors, walls, ceilings, doorframes, or columns for the purpose of attaching materials is prohibited.

  • Fastening display materials to draperies, light fixtures, ceilings, sprinklers, and sprinkler pipes is strictly prohibited.

  • Sand, glitter, and confetti are prohibited.

  • No painting, including banners and construction work, may occur on the premises, including the Rear Plaza.

  • Fog and hazing machines are prohibited.

  • Arrangements for special lighting effects must be approved two weeks prior to the event.

  • All light bulbs over 60 watts must be at least five inches away from any surface.

  • Special decorative collars are not permitted at the neck of a bulb in any electrical socket.

  • Covering windows is prohibited.

  • All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event.

6. Plaza

The Plaza is intended to be used by students as an area for casual congregation; however, the Plaza may be reserved for approved, large-scale events that are sponsored by the President’s Office or Student Life. Generally, concerts or events with loud music are not permitted on the Plaza prior to 4:45 p.m. or after 9:00 p.m. No event on the Plaza can extend beyond the Mountainlair building hours.

If technical assistance is needed, it must be arranged at least two weeks prior to the event. Technical support or equipment will not be available in the case of inclement weather. Two technicians are required for outside events.

Barbecue grills are only permitted at University-sanctioned functions wherein food service personnel will act under safe and standard operational procedures to prepare food on an authorized grill outside of University buildings.

All other requirements can be discussed with the MRO.

7. Chalking

Chalk drawing on University property, including sidewalks, is prohibited.

8. Leaflet Distribution

Student organizations and department representatives may distribute notices or fliers in the Mountainlair with a reservation. Reservations can be made by contacting the MRO at (304) 293-3250 or by e-mail at Notices, fliers, table tents, and the like may not be distributed on the tables, chairs, walls, or windows in the facility; however, notices or fliers may be posted on bulletin boards designated for public use.

Advertising an event using easels, signs, posters, or free-standing displays is available on the first floor and may be scheduled one week prior to the event by contacting the MRO. Advertisements must be removed immediately following the reservations period.

9. Outdoor Assemblies

Assemblies of persons may occur on any grounds of the campus outside of buildings. Generally, outdoor areas may be used by the public without a reservation from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. However, reserving outdoor space is encouraged for assemblies of fifty or more people; reservations may be made by contacting the MRO at (304) 293-3250 or by e-mail at