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Event support services

1. Food and Beverage

All food or beverages served in the Mountainlair must be provided through the Season 67 catering office at (304) 293-0462. Food and beverages purchased from food court vendors is permitted; however, outside or self-catering is not permitted.

2. Fundraisers

The Mountainlair will permit fundraising subject to several regulations. All products to be sold in the building must be approved in advance. No items or products already sold in the Mountainlair may be sold as a fundraiser. Items bearing West Virginia University trademarks may not be sold. Bake Sales are prohibited. Please contact the MRO (304) 293-3520 for a complete explanation of applicable regulations.

3. Catering

Please refer to the Dining Services website at or contact the Season 67 catering office at (304) 293-0462 for selections, prices, and procedures. When banquet services are requested, notice must be given two weeks in advance. Menus and estimated numbers must be submitted two weeks prior to the event. Final count must be agreed upon within forty-eight hours of the event. For further information, contact Season 67 at (304) 293-0462.

4. Use of Pianos

If tuning is required for an event, the MRO will contact the appropriate personnel to tune the piano and reasonable charges may apply. Charges will be assessed to the sponsoring organization/person for damages resulting from misuse.

A. Grand Piano

The grand piano may not be removed from the Ballrooms, it must remain on the floor and may only be used in conjunction with a scheduled musical event. The person(s) scheduled to play for a musical event may schedule practice time in advance.

B. Upright Pinao

The upright piano may be moved to any location in the Mountainlair and may be used by West Virginia University students, faculty, or staff.

5. A/V Technical Unit

The audio-visual services for patrons of the Mountainlair is provided by the Arts & Entertainment A/V Technical Unit. Student technicians are available to assist with the setup and technical execution of the events.

With exception of the Mountaineer Room, all meeting rooms are equipped with built-in presentation systems, as follows:

Meeting Spaces with built-in presentation systems and video cameras*

Ballrooms Cacapon Mountain
Blackwater Cathedral Potomac
Bluestone Kanawha Tygart

* Includes PC with installed video camera, in-room audio, projector/screen or TV, DVD/Blu-Ray player, HDMI, VGA and power connections.

Meeting Spaces with built-in projection systems**

JG Theatre Rhododendron
Laurel Shenandoah
Monongahela Greenbrier

** Includes PC, in-room audio, projector/screen or TV, DVD/Blu-Ray player, HDMI, VGA and power connections.

Technician(s) maybe required for any event depending on the technical complexities of the event which will be determined by the A/V Technical Unit. Technicians will arrive one hour prior to the start time of the event, unless otherwise arranged.

Additional Equipment Available

  • Conference phone
  • Portable webcam for video conferencing
  • Flat screen TV
  • LCD projectors (For customers with their own laptops)
  • VCR/DVD/Blue Ray players
  • Media Carts (Projection system with laptop and computer speakers)
  • Portable audio systems with microphone
  • Portable PA systems (Technician Required)
  • Assorted wired and wireless microphones
  • Stage lighting (Blue Ballroom only)

Wireless internet is available via WVU Guest, and hard-wired ethernet connections can be requested from the Mountainlair Reservations Office.

We are happy to meet with clients in advance to discuss their technical needs and how we can best accommodate them.

Contact Information:
PO Box 6017
Morgantown, WV 26506-6437
Phone: 304-293-4406

>6. Films

Movies scheduled through the MRO for public viewing must have proof of copyright permission before the movie can be shown.

7. Fees

All meeting rooms and equipment are available to student organizations and academic/administrative departments free of charge. However, fees will be billed for special services.

The Mountainlair reserves the right to determine which events and/or use of equipment require the use of a technician. Events that take place outside the Mountainlair or those of a more complicated nature will require two technicians.

  • Extended hours and early openings will result in a $50.00 charge per hour.

  • Excessive clean up or damage will result in appropriate fees.

Facility fees associated with direct and indirect expenses will be assessed for multi-day meetings and conferences. Meetings and conferences sponsored by University departments that generate funds will be charged 50% of the typical facility fee schedule.

Rooms Rental Fee
Ballrooms $500.00
Large Blue Ballroom $375.00
Small Blue Ballroom $375.00
Large Gold Ballroom $200.00
Small Gold Ballroom $200.00
Blackwater $50.00
Bluestone $100.00
Cacapon $40.00
Greenbrier $100.00
JG Theatre $325.00
Kanawha $40.00
Laurel $50.00
Monongahela $50.00
Potomac $45.00
Mountain $65.00
Mountaineer $125.00
Rhododendron $125.00
Shenandoah $125.00
Side Pocket $100.00
Tygart $40.00

Usage Fees for Campus Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental Fee
Easel $5.00 per easel
Chairs (Samsonite) $1.00 per chair
Coatrack $25.00 per coatrack
Lectern (Floor) $25.00 per lectern
Lectern (Table) $25.00 per lectern
Table - 5ft Rectangle $6.00 per table
Table - 6ft Rectangle $8.00 per table
Table - 60" Round $9.50 per table
Table - 90" Round $10.50 per table
Serpentine $10.50 per table
Pipe and Drape (10' section) $43.40 per section
Stage Section (6ft x 8ft section) $53.50
Skirting for portable stage (15" x 15") $14.50 per section
Steps for portable stage $25.00 per set

Invoices will be generated two weeks following the event. Payment can be made with Shared Services by calling, 304-293-8233. Invoices not paid within thirty days may result in loss of scheduling privileges until payment arrangements have been made.