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Fall 2016 Price List All prices include tax.We accept MasterCard and VISA304-293-2206
Regular Price$6.36/hr per table
Discounted Price$4.45/hr per table
Regular Game$3.18/game per person
Discounted Game$2.75/game per person
Regular Bowling Shoe Rental$2.00/person
Daytime Bowling 10am – 4pm$2.00/game
Bowling Group Rate $7/person This rate is for groups of 10 or more people and includes bowling and bowling shoe rental.
Daytime Bowling Shoe Rental$1.50/person
Bowling Socks$2.00/pair
Table Tennis
Table Tennis Paddle Rental$0.50/paddle
Table Tennis Balls$0.50/ball
Video Arcade Games
Various Games$0.25 – $0.50
Soda 20 oz. Bottles$1.25
Canned Beer Bud Light, Miller Light, Yuengling$2.25